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MRG is a leader in cable assembly manufacturing. From standard specifications to custom assemblies, we set the standard in quality and efficient performance. We offer ISO Certified cable assembly, multiple locations and inventory service management.


MRG manufactures custom fiber optic cable assemblies to meet demanding requirements in the Military, Medical and Industrial markets. Our Medical and Industrial fiber optic assemblies utilize various circular and rectangular connectors in singlemode, multimode, and hybrid configurations.  MRG’s Military Fiber optic assemblies offer connector options that include: Mil-DTL-38999, Mil-PRF-28876, and Mil-DTL-83723 for applications requiring high speeds, and high bandwidths, while operating in harsh environments.

MRG’s fiber optic cable assemblies are custom designed to high specification to meet your stringent demands. Our goal is to provide design support and services to our customers and deliver high quality fiber optic products on time

Custom Fiber Optic Assembly Types

  • Fanout
  • Breakout
  • Pigtail
  • FTTA
  • FTTH
  • V-Array
  • Hybrids (fiber and copper)

Other custom multi fiber optic cable assemblies include 1XN or NXN structure. The cable overall length and breakout part length are definable; cable jacket may be Plenum rated, Riser or RoHS compliant.

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Connector Types

Fiber connectors include SC, LC, ST, FC, MU, MTRJ, E2000. Optical fiber used can be single mode 9/125, multimode 50/125 or multimode 62.5/125, with OM3 laser optimized cables available. Optional pulling eyes to use with our custom multi fiber optic patch cables.

Call or email us today to discuss your custom fiber optic assembly needs.

Battery Cable Assemblies


MRG manufactures a full line of battery cable assemblies for a variety of commercial and industrial – OEM applications. We specialize in UPS battery cable assemblies and have a sister company that manufactures UPS replacement batteries.

We can manufacture both standard and custom designed Battery Cable assemblies.

Applications for Battery Cable Assemblies:

  • UPS
  • Power Interconnects
  • OEM Applications
  • Industrial
  • Electronic

Battery Cable Assembly Types

  • 1/0 through 18 awg for power applications
  • Single and multiconductor battery cable
  • Various stranding and jacket styles
  • Single or double ended

Battery Cable Assembly Specifications

Our products are designed to comply with the following specifications:

  • UL
  • CSA
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620

Call or email us today to discuss your Battery Cable assemblies. For UPS Replacement Batteries such as APC RBC43 visit American Battery

Custom Wire Harness Assemblies


MRG manufactures a wide variety of custom wire harness assemblies for many industries and applications. MRG provides both small and large quantity wire harnesses. MRG has more than 25 years of wire harness assembly experience. We provide some of the largest OEM’s with custom designed wire harness assemblies.

Our services including design, engineering, tooling, production and packaging of wire harnesses. We offer automatic measuring, wire cutting, stripping, terminating and hot-stamping machinery, as well as state-of-the-art testing equipment.  Our high quality workmanship insures your wire harness requirements can be guaranteed unsurpassed quality and on-time deliveries.

Wire Harness Assembly Types

  1. Medical Wire harnesses
  2. Power Supply Wire Harnesses
  3. Speaker Wiring Harnesses
  4. Electro-Mechanical Wire Harnesses
  5. Electronic Equipment Wire Harness Assembly
  6. Custom Cables & Wire Harnesses

Wire Harness Assembly Testing

Our rigorous testing standard and equipment insures to 100% quality test wire harnesses.  We are able to find defective or miswired cables instantly before equipment is damaged or time is wasted. We also can check for contact isolation and resistance thresholds.  Our testing processes guarantee the quality of all manufactured wire harnesses.


SATA cable assemblies increase the bandwidth between external storage and other PC components at data transfer rates peaking at 250MB/sec & at speeds from 1.5 to 3 Gbit/sec. SATA cable assemblies are available with 7 terminals to handle serial bus signal or 15 terminals for different source of voltage to power up the device.

The new SATA cable assembly standard replaces the old 26 position ribbon connector with two small flexible cable assemblies for signal and power applications. The SATA cable assembly connector can be hot plugged to motherboards and back planes like the current SCSI standards eliminating the need for ribbon cables.


  • Straight and right angle SATA cable configurations
  • SATA Cables have small form factor and low profile
  • SATA Cables are available in 7, 13, 15 and 22 pins
  • PVC or Halogen-free options
  • RoHS compliant


  • External Storage
  • Storage Devices
  • Server
  • Desktop PC
  • Set-top Box
  • DVD
  • CD-ROM

MRG is your source for all your SATA Cable assembly needs. Call today for a quick quote on your SATA cable requirements

Cat 5 Cable Assemblies


MRG manufactures a complete line of networking cables, such as Category 5 cable assemblies, fiber optic cable assemblies, fiber optic jumpers, CAT 5e cable assemblies, CAT 6 & CAT 7 patch cords. We can manufacture both standard and custom designed Category 5 cable assemblies to your exact specifications and needs.

MRG Networking Cable Assemblies include

  • CAT 5e Cables with molded boots and w/o boots
  • CAT 5, CAT 6, and CAT 7 patch cables with molded boots
  • Flat black satin RJ45 cable
  • Telco cables
  • Bulk CAT 5, CAT 5e Wire, CAT 6 and CAT 7 cable
  • Custom Patch Cables
  • Hybrids (fiber and copper)

Call us today to discuss your custom or standard CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6 or Cat7 cable assemblies


MRG manufactures a complete line of custom RF cable assemblies. We manufacture both standard coaxial assemblies as well as custom RF cable assemblies. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing RF cable assemblies, we have developed a broad knowledge of coaxial cable preparation, assembly, and testing.

Our rigid testing requirements insure you receive the highest quality RF cable assembly at a competitive price.


  • Military RF coaxial cable assemblies.
  • Commercial RF cable assemblies : Two-Way Radio communications,
  • Instrument controls, wireless meter reading, LAN, and wireless Internet service providers. commercial GPS, and 802.11 networks.
  • Government: Fire & Police Public Works, Transportation and emergency management services.
  • Amateur Radio RF cable assemblies
  • Electronic OEM RF Coaxial cable assemblies.

We ensure that a high standard RF cable assembly quality is achieved, and our employees are trained on the latest IPC standard (IPC-A-620). Our RF cable assemblies are visually inspected to the workmanship requirements of the IPC standard. We also perform Hipot testing up to 30 KV.

Whatever your RF cable assembly needs, call MRG today to discuss your requirements.

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Multi Conductor Cable Assemblies


MRG specializes in multi-conductor cable assemblies. We work with all types of multi conductor cables, whether unshielded, foil shielded, braided or multi-shielded. Many types of connectors can be installed using our full range of tooling capabilities. Review our list multi conductor cable assembly types.

Multi Conductor Cable Assembly Types

  • Insulation displacement
  • Automotive Cable assemblies
  • Military spec assemblies
  • Appliance Wire assemblies
  • Water resistant/water proof
  • Electronic multi conductor assemblies
  • Industrial High Flex assemblies
  • Circular multi conductor assemblies
  • Medical cable assemblies


  • ISO Approved Cable Assembly House
  • ROHS compliant
  • Experienced Dedicated Staff
  • Multi locations
  • Inventory Management Services available

Call MRG for competitively priced multi conductor cable assemblies.


MRG is a custom molded cable assembly manufacturer supplying OEM’s with custom molded cable assemblies, including cable assemblies requiring overmolded PC boards. We provide expert cable design and engineering assistance, plus tooling and technical support for our custom molded cable assembly clients.

Custom Molded Cable Assembly Types:

  1. Molded Cable Assemblies for Medical Equipment.
  2. Molded Cable Assemblies for Computers and Electronic OEM’s
  3. Molded Cable Assemblies for general Electronic Applications.
  4. Automotive Molded Cable Assemblies.
  5. Molded Cable Assemblies for Communication and Networking.
  6. Industrial Molded Cable Assemblies with Circular Connectors.
  7. Industrial High Flex Molded Cable Assemblies.
  8. Molded Cable Assemblies for Audio Video Applications.
  9. Custom Molded Cable Assemblies & Prototype.

Our custom molded cable assemblies are manufactured to meet specific OEM requirements and tested to rigid standards. Below is a list of some of the connectors used in our molded cable assemblies:

  1. Champ and mini-champ Connectors
  2. Mini Delta ribbon Connectors(MDR)
  3. Mini DIN
  4. Mini fit & Micro fit Connectors
  5. Miniature Connectors
  6. Mini USB Connectors

Call MRG for high quality custom molded cable assemblies.

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Our robust quality system makes us ideal for providing military cable assemblies for military equipment for the US Government and OEM contractors. Our military cable assemblies are 100% electrically tested with custom made jigs utilizing our multiple visual wire mapping testing computers.

With our automated and documented system, we are able to produce high volumes of military cable assemblies with extremely high quality. MRG can also quickly modify enclosures for custom military cable assemblies. Overmolded cables and connector assemblies can also be manufactured in the USA in our plastic injection molding area.

With ITAR, UL & ISO 9001:2008 certified design, US based manufacturing, plastic injection molding, cable and electronic assembly capabilities; MRG is ideally situated to handle your custom military cable assembles and wiring harnesses. We can also integrate custom military cable assemblies and wiring harnesses into enclosures, boxes or chassis.

In addition to cable overmolding, we also provide potting for military cable assemblies. Similar to overmolding military cable assemblies, potting provides durability as a strain relief, as well as moisture resistance which aids in preventing short circuits for military cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Potting is the process of sealing components with a plastic compound (silicon based, or two-part epoxies).

MRG manufactures military cable assemblies and wiring harnesses in a variety of styles and configurations. Our military cable assemblies consist of:

  • Flat ribbon cable
  • RF coaxial
  • Smart cables
  • Data com
  • Hybrid communication cables
  • Overmolded military cables
  • Ruggedized military cable assemblies

MRG cable assembly personnel are experienced and highly trained. Experienced cable personnel with multiple in-process inspections and 100% final electrical inspections, provides extremely high internal first pass yields, lowering costs to our customers.

Contact us today to discuss all of your your Military cable needs.

IDC Ribbon Cable Assemblies


MRG manufactures a complete line of IDC ribbon cable assemblies built to customer specification. Every one of our IDC ribbon cable assemblies are fully tested to ensure reliability. We offer a full range of flat ribbon cable configurations including socket to socket, plug to plug, socket to transition, DIP/DIL plugs, daisy chain, split or multi branch, cut and partially stripped ends.

Whether you have a custom or standard IDC ribbon cable requirement, we can help. We offer quick turnaround on all quotations and can also assist in your ribbon cable assembly design. We use top of the line components and the highest level of quality assurance in the manufacture of your IDC ribbon cable assemblies.

IDC Ribbon Cable Assemblies and Connectors Capabilities:

  • IDC connectors, sockets, transition plugs, straight or right angle, shrouded headers, elevated shrouded headers, latching/locking headers
  • Sizes range from 6 to 100 positions.
  • Plating options; tin, gold flash, selective or all gold
  • Polarization options
  • ISO9001:2008, UL & CSA Certified
  • RoHS compliant
  • 050″ x .100″ c.l. (1.27×2.54mm) connectors for .025″ (.635mm) pitch cable
  • .100″ c.l. (2.54mm) connectors for 0.050″ (1.27mm) pitch cable
  • 0.050″ x 0.100″ centerline IDC connectors
  • 0.079″ (2mm) centerline IDC connectors
  • 0.100″ centerline IDC connectors
  • 0.050″ x 0.100″ centerline shrouded headers
  • 0.100″ centerline shrouded headers
  • 0.079″ (2mm) centerline shrouded headers

MRG is your best source for IDC ribbon cable assemblies.
Call or email us today to discuss your IDC ribbon cable assemblies.

Flat Flex Assemblies


MRG manufactures a full line of Flat Flex cable assemblies (FFC) for a wide variety of industries. Our flat flex cable assemblies assist in solving difficult and tight mechanical routing issues. The flat flex cables are excellent choices for flat panels and board-to-board connection due to the space saving design and easy installation.


  • 31, 41, & 51 position male and female connectors
  • Custom lengths
  • Optional ZIF ends
  • Various shielding and grounding options available
  • UL listed components
  • Pinout: One-to-one or reverse
  • Connector orientation options
  • Connector direction options


  • Contact resistance-30 milliohm (maximum)
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage-300V RMS (minimum) @60 HZ
  • Current rating-0.50 AMPS
  • Insulation resistance-> 109@500V DC


  • Copper alloy
  • Tin Finish


  • Polyester
  • Flat solid 33 AWG conductor
  • Tin plated
  • Other options available


  • 94V-1
  • 40 C to +105C Temp rating
  • RoHS Compliant

Call or email us today to discuss your Flat Flex Cable assembly needs.

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Custom Medical Cable Assemblies


MRG is a medical cable assembly manufacturer with a tradition of serving the health care community, and capable of creating the highest quality custom medical cables. We manufacture disposable and non-disposable types of medical cables, for laboratory analysis equipment, patient monitoring systems, hospital devices, MRI, radiology, etc.

Our custom medical cable assemblies include:

  • Patient Monitoring Cables
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment Cables
  • Modular Medical Cables, Connector Assemblies
  • Lead Wire
  • Medical Cable Assemblies
  • Sensor Cables
  • Test Cables
  • Adapters / Medical Cables
  • Accessories

Call us to today to discuss your medical cable assembly requirements.


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